We are a company devoted to providing professional services of international transportation, imports, exports and multi-modal transportation of goods. All these services have complementary management solutions to develop and coordinate cargo from and to more than 200 ports and airports in the world. We participate actively in security and control programs in International Trade.

Core Values

  • Permanent focus on our customers
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Passion for what we do


  • Offer optimal logistic solutions aiming at increasing our customers’ competitiveness.
  • Possess deep knowledge on the market, our customers, and their needs.
  • Maintain optimal levels of profitability and sustained growth.
  • Continual innovation of our services to become more efficient as a company.
  • Offer excellent work conditions to help our employees to grow.
  • Be a responsible and supportive company with the environment.


We want to be the best among the best companies at the creation and delivery of cargo and logistics solutions for international trade.

Supply chain control and security policies

Aurora Asia Pacific will focus on the implementation of safe practices and continuous improvement of its processes to achieve legitimate international trade operations to ensure safety in the supply chain with its business associates.

We externally promote the benefits of compliance with high standards to prevent cargo contamination, theft, smuggling of goods, financing of terrorism and asset laundering.